Harrow Borough Based Partnership

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Harrow Borough Based Partnership (BBP) brings together our NHS organisations, Harrow Council, our GPs, local Voluntary & Community Sector and our citizens. 

We strive to support each other and our communities as equal partners focussing on better health and wellbeing for all.

Statutory providers of Health and Care Services in Harrow: Harrow Council and North West London CCG (to become North West London ICS in line with Legislation) including:

  • The Community Health Service provider for Harrow
  • The Mental Health Service provider for Harrow
  • The Primary Care Networks of Harrow
  • The main Acute Service provider for Harrow
  • The nominated organisation for the Voluntary and Community Sector for Harrow
  • The GP Federation for Harrow
  • The local hospice

What is the borough based partnership?

To hear more about the partnership in Harrow, please view the following video:

The Harrow Borough Based Partnership brings together health, social care, wider Local Authority services and Harrow’s voluntary and community sector, working alongside local communities to help the people of Harrow thrive; aspiring to improve health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities. 

The partnership is an agreed collaborative arrangement, underpinned by a shared set of priorities and values, to drive better outcomes for the people we serve.

Our mission is to work with children, families, and communities in Harrow to support better care and healthier lives. To read more about the Harrow borough based partnership plan please click here.

Our objectives

  1. Reduce health inequalities through embedding a robust population health management approach at a borough and neighbourhood level.
  2. Developing truly integrated out of hospital teams at a neighbourhood level to improve our citizens experience of care and reduce unplanned acute care and intensive social care packages
  3. Deliver transformational change in care pathways to deliver high quality integrated care, improving outcomes and addressing variation.

The design of our Governance systems reflects the changes that we are seeing through Integrated Care arrangements in the wider system and how this influences our roles, responsibilities, and interactions with each other, including our citizens. 

Governance arrangements reflect what will enable to the Harrow Borough Based Partnership to flourish and is based on a strong partnership foundation and led by what is important to our partnership.


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View our terms of reference

The transformational workstreams of the Harrow BBP reflect our priority programmes and the priorities of the ICS.  The workstreams may be continuous or may be disbanded when the business of the group is concluded.


Delivery Workstreams

Population health management & Tackling Health Inequalities

Prevention, self-care and social prescribing sub-group

Tackling health inequalities sub-group

Population health management working group

Long term conditions

Mental Health

Learning Disability and Autism (all age)

Frailty and care settings

Children and Young People



Enabling workstreams


Workforce and OD Integration


Access to care and COVID recovery


Strategic Estates Group


Digital Transformation


Communication and Engagement


Acute and Primary Care Interface Group


Integration Operational Leads’ Group




PCNs form a key building block of the NHS long term plan. They bring together general practices to be able to work at scale. Most networks are based on geographical location.

There are 32 general practices in Harrow and they have been put into five prrimary care networks.

The five PCNs are:

  • Harrow East
  • Sphere
  • Health Alliance
  • Harrow Collaborative
  • Healthsense

Each practice is aligned as below:

Harrow East

  • Mollison Way
  • Honeypot Medical Centre
  • Bacon Lane Surgery


  • Streatfield Surgery (Streatfield Health Centre)
  • The Northwick Surgery
  • St Peter’s Medical Centre
  • Elliot Hall Centre
  • Hatch End Medical Centre
  • GP Direct

Health Alliance

  • Aspri Medical Centre
  • The Streatfield Medical Centre
  • Belmont Health Centre
  • The Stanmore Medical Centre
  • The Circle Practice

Harrow Collaborative

  • Pinner View Medical Centre
  • The Pinner Road Surgery
  • Savita Medical Centre
  • Headstone Lane Medical Centre
  • Headstone Road Surgery
  • First Choice Medical
  • Zain Medical Centre
  • Kenton Clinic
  • Kings Road Surgery
  • The Shaftesbury Medical Centre


  • The Pinn Medical Centre
  • The Enderley Medical Centre
  • Kenton Bridge Medical Centre (Dr Raja)
  • Kenton Bridge (Medical Centre Dr Golden)
  • Roxbourne Medical Centre
  • Simpson House Medical Centre
  • The Ridgeway Surgery
  • The Civic Medical Centre

Harrow Primary Care Executive Group (PCEG) is established as a group of the NHS North West London Integrated Care Board (NWLICB).

In keeping with the commitment to maintain and enhance primary care locally, as much business as possible will be transacted at NHS NW London borough level.

PCEG’s role is to oversee the development of primary care at a place based level, ensuring that NW London and national requirements are delivered and assurance provided through both the place based governance arrangements (where a decision impacts only the local geography) and the NW London Local Care governance arrangements (where more than one geography is impacted). 

Find out more about the Harrow PCEG and how to join our meetings in public.

The Harrow Citizen Health Forum is held every quarter. It is a public meeting, open to all Harrow residents. Each meeting features a panel made up of Harrow borough leaders from the NHS, GPs, the local authority (council), Public Health. The meeting is chaired by NHS North West London’s engagement and equalities team.

Meetings are a mix of online via Microsoft Teams and in person, face-to-face. Agendas are created in partnership with the community, and each meeting features an open space for questions as well as an update on actions agreed at previous meetings.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please do get in touch with NHS North West London’s engagement and equalities team for Harrow by emailing nhsnwl.healthiernwl@nhs.net

Healthy Harrow - Overview of the programme of work

Healthy Harrow is an overarching health and wellbeing programme approach to tackling inequalities, communicating and engaging with our residents, promoting health and wellbeing to help support communities to maintain healthy lifestyles. The programme aims to establish an integrated offer, bringing together health and wellbeing programmes/services under the Healthy Harrow brand.

The Healthy Harrow programme engages with the community through a one stop health and wellbeing website on a number of wide ranging issues to reduce the inequalities experienced by Harrow residents. Builds on the strength, networks, skills and knowledge of local communities, including groups in our community that are less likely to use statutory health services by recruiting local people as volunteers Champion to promote healthy lifestyles that inspires others to take a more active role in their health.

Empowers and trains community champions to offer appropriate advice, guidance, promote healthy lifestyles, raise awareness of health services, signposting to relevant services to help reduce social and cultural stigmas that prevent people from seeking help.

The programme includes:

Maternal Health and Wellbeing Champions: Provides local parents with support from community members who share similar experiences and lifestyles. Provide a range of antenatal and perinatal health and wellbeing information in multiple languages; breastfeeding support, signposting to relevant services; and parent and baby activities.

Hypertension and Diabetes Prevention Champions: An outreach community champion programme that engages with communities living within areas of deprivation in Harrow experiencing diabetes and hypertension, either diagnosed or undiagnosed. Raise awareness about the risks and complications relating to diabetes and hypertension and how people can make healthy lifestyle choices that could minimise the chances of developing the disease.

 Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions: Raise awareness on mental health, break down stigma and provide information on services available in Harrow. The Mental Health Champion engages with people with lived experience and other groups to ensure their voices are heard. Support people to access mental wellbeing services and get people talking about mental health.

Community outreach and health checks: The community-based outreach health check program is conducted in partnership with the NHS community health team and community champions to reach people in Harrow. This outreach program is designed to target those in the community who are most likely to benefit from a health check. The goal is to provide them with the necessary information and resources to improve their health and wellbeing.

Macmillan Community Champion: To raise awareness of Macmillan services to underrepresented communities in Harrow. Connecting and signposting people with relevant groups and services.

Optivita project: A place-based initiative to re-establish a hyper-local preventative team in Harrow, to further increase collaboration and coordination of services and community assets with the aim of optimising life chances of parents, carers, babies, children and young people in Harrow.

Healthy Harrow – Championing Health & Wellbeing

Join us in as we celebrate the launch of ICON in Harrow as part of National ICON week.

Find out more.

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To contact us please email us on the following email address: collaborating.harrow@nhs.net

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