Harrow Primary Care Executive Group

Harrow Primary Care Executive Group (PCEG) is established as a group of the NHS North West London Integrated Care Board (NW London ICB).

In keeping with the commitment to maintain and enhance primary care locally, as much business as possible will be transacted at NHS NWL Borough level.

PCEG’s role is to oversee the development of primary care at a place based level, ensuring that NW London and national requirements are delivered and assurance provided through both the place based governance arrangements (where a decision impacts only the local geography) and the NW London Local Care governance arrangements (where more than one geography is impacted). 





Isha Coombes

Harrow Borough Director (Chair)

Lisa Henschen

Managing Director, Harrow Integrated Care Partnership
(Vice Chair)

Jenny Gorasia

Head of Primary Care

Radhika Balu

Harrow Medical Director 

Judith Demello

Head of Quality (NWL)

Aziz Ahmed 

Senior Finance Manager

Julian Maw

Harrow Healthwatch Representative

Jamie Wright

Director of Primary Care - LMC

Meena Thakur

Harrow Local Medical Committee Chair

Javina Sehgal

Director of Primary Care (NWL)

Mike Nelson

Assistant Head of Primary Care (NWL)

Fadi Dexter

Senior Commissioning Manager (NWL)

Rahul Bhagvat

Senior Programme Delivery Manager

Nomaan Omar

Primary Care Development Manager

Rushda Butt

Primary Care Senior Delivery Manager

Susan O'Meara

Primary Care Delivery Manager

Marie Pate

Operations Manager, Enterprise Wellness Ltd (Healthwatch)


The PCEG meeting is not a public meeting, but a meeting in public. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe the meeting, to be held virtually using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). 

We recognise that some members of the public may want to ask questions at this meeting, and we would like to accommodate this.

View the PCEG Terms of Reference

As meeting papers will be published one week in advance, we would ask that all questions from members of the public are submitted 48 hours ahead of the meeting.  To submit a question please email: nhsnwl.harrowprimarycare@nhs.net  

We would ask that questions focus on the substantive agenda items for discussion.

We will allow time at the end of the meeting to take as many of the pre-submitted questions, as time allows. All questions received will be answered and published on our public facing website with the relevant meeting papers. 

For clarity, at the meeting questions will be shared on the screen where a screen is in use. We request that questions are kept short; and to the point where possible, as we do not propose summarising them.

Questions can be submitted up to 48 hours prior to the meeting by emailing the primary care inbox nhsnwl.harrowprimarycare@nhs.net 



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Tuesday 13 December 2022



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Tuesday 14 February 2023



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Tuesday 14 March 2023



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Tuesday 11 April 2023 (CANCELLED)




Tuesday 25 April 2023



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Tuesday 13 June 2023


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Tuesday 11 July 2023


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Tuesday 08 August 2023



Tuesday 12 September 2023


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Tuesday 14 November 2023


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Tuesday 9 January 2024


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Tuesday 12 March 2024


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Tuesday 14 May 2024


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